Replaces the current props with whatever the given function returns. This means that it disregards the incoming props and completely replaces them with the outgoing props. This is different from withProps, which merges the outgoing props into the incoming props.

Flow Type

type mapProps = (
  propsMapper: (ownerProps: Object) => Object
) => HigherOrderComponent


Replacing props

mapProps(props => {
  return {
    total: props.initialValue + props.change,

Incoming props

  initialValue: 10,
  change: 5,

Outgoing props

  total: 15,

Deriving other mappers

You can easily derive other mappers the same way you compose functions in functional programming:

const omitProps = keys => mapProps(props => omit(keys, props))

If you're using Ramda or Lodash-FP, the following expression is equivalent because of currying:

const omitProps = compose(mapProps, omit)

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